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A safe is box used for securing valuables objects against theft or damage. The safe can be of plastic and metal, the most significant thing about safe is that it can either be moveable or is fixed in wall.


Digital keypads

These are the electronic locks that require numeric code to gain access. Number of digits that are to be entered is pre-determined by the manufacture, if code enters is wrong then safe gets dismantle for few minutes.

Manual Keys

Manual keys or the normal keys that we use in day to day life are not much secure as they can be easily cheated by the thieves. These keys can be very handy with the other types of locks, having the copies of original key can be useful at the time of need.


Biometric Fingerprint Lock

This is highly advance technology that use finger print of person to unlock the safe. The biometric system stores the fingerprints of those who have access to unlock the safe, it also records the date and time when the lock was accessed.


Combination Lock

One of the oldest locking device, it requires the combination of digit to lock and unlock the safe. The combination is pre-set by the manufacture and cannot be changed until the manufacture does it himself.

 Everyone is concerned for their safety and safety of their belongings, to protect them we put them in safes box and lock them .having a lock that provides them with peace of mind is really necessary.